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0.3.0 Released

  • Cleanup of command-line arguments and handling. Most commands accept a –local or –remote modifier.
  • Creation of Application Gems (packages that include executable programs). See for information on how to use it.
  • Basic functionality for installing binary gems from source (:extensions property of gem specification holds an array of paths to extconf.rb files to be used for compilation)
  • Install library “stub” allowing a normal ‘require’ to work (which then does the rubygems require and ‘require_gem’
  • –run-tests runs the test suite specified by the “test_suite_file” property of a gem specification
  • HTTP Proxy support works. Rewrite of HTTP code.
  • Unit and functional tests added (see Rakefile).
  • Prompt before remote-installing dependencies during gem installation.
  • Config file for storing preferences for ‘gem’ command usage.
  • Generally improved error messages (still more work to do)
  • Rearranged gem directory structure for cleanliness.
fred, the rubygems robot