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0.8.0 Released

  • Remove need for library stubs. Set the RUBYOPT environment variable to include “rrubygems”, and a normal require will find gem files. Continue to use ‘require_gem gem_name, version’ to specify gem versions.
  • Deprecated “test_suite_file” gemspec attribute in favor of “test_files” array.
  • Generates rdoc by default on installs.
  • Adopted tar/gzip file format, thanks to Mauricio Fernandez.
  • “gem rdoc” allows generation of rdoc after gem installation (will add a “gem test”
  • Application stubs can now accept an optional parameter of VERSION that will run an arbitrary version of the application requested.
  • Various bug fixes
  • Various platform-independency improvements
  • “gem spec –all” displays spec info for all installed version of a given gem.
  • Dynamic caching of sources
  • Support for user-definable sources on the command line (thanks Assaph Mehr)
  • More intelligent support for platform-dependent gems. Use Platform::CURRENT when building a gem to set its platform to the one you’re building on. Installation displays a choice of platform-dependent gems, allowing the user to pick.
  • Added “gem unpack” for “unpacking” a gem to the current directory
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