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0.8.5 Released

Do you know how you used to dread getting the following message while installing gems?

Updating Gem source index for:

It could take up to 30 seconds (on my machine, even worse on others) for that crazy source index to update.

This latest release of RubyGems speeds that wait time up considerably. The following table gives the following times for installing RedCloth with a required source index update on three system we had available to us. No RDoc generation was included in the following times.

RubyGems Linux Mac OSX Windows 0.8.4 33 secs 73 secs 58 secs 0.8.5 8 secs 14 secs 21 secs

The new caching code is at least 3x faster than previous versions. Woo Hoo!

fred, the rubygems robot