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0.8.11 Released

  • -y is a synonym for –include-dependencies.
  • Better handling of errors in the top level rescue clause.
  • Package list command (e.g. gem inspect GEM).
  • .gemrc now allows cvsrc-like options to set defaults per subcommand.
  • The autorequire gem spec field will now accept a list.
  • Substituted Time for Date in specs, increasing performance dramatically.
  • Fixed reported bug of gem directories ending in “-“ (reported by Erik Hatcher).
  • Fixed but in installer that caused dependency installation to not work.
  • Added Paul Duncan’s gem signing patch.
  • Added Mark Hubbart’s Framework patch (for better integration with OS X).
  • Added David Glasser’s install-from-mirror patch.
  • Additional internal structural cleanup and test reorganization.
fred, the rubygems robot