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0.9.0 Released

Finally, the much anticipated RubyGems version 0.9.0 is now available. This release includes a number of new features and bug fixes. The number one change is that we can now download the gem index incrementally. This will greatly speed up the gem command when only a few gems are out of date.

Major Enhancments include:

  • The gem index is now downloaded incrementally, only updating entries that are out of date. If more than 50 entries are out of date, we revert back to a bulk download.
  • Several patches related to allowing RubyGems to work with authenticating proxies (from Danie Roux and Anatol Pomozov). Just put the user and password in the proxy URL (e.g. -p or use the HTTP_PROXY_USER and HTTP_PROXY_PASS environment variables.
  • The gem unpack command can now accept a file path rather than just a install gem name.
  • Both RI and RDOC documents are now generated by default.
  • A gemri command is included to read gem RI docs (only needed for Ruby 1.8.4 or earlier).

Minor enhancements include:

  • Verison 0.0.0 is now a valid gem version.
  • Better detection of missing SSL functionality.
  • SSL is not required if the security policy does not require signature checking.
  • Rake built extensions are now supported (Tilman Sauerbeck).
  • Several autorequire bug fixes.
  • –traceback is now an alias for –backtrace (I can never remember which one it is).
  • SAFE=1 compatibility fixes.
  • .rbw is now a supported suffix for RubyGem’s custom require.
  • Several Ruby 1.9 compatibility fixes (Eric Hodel).

Bug Fixes:

  • Added dashes to gemspecs generated in Ruby 1.8.3. This solves some cross-Ruby version compatibility issues.
  • Fixed bug where the wrong executables could be uninstalled (Eric Hodel).
  • Fixed bug where gem unpack occasionally unpacked the wrong gem.
  • Fixed bug where a fatal error occured when permissions on .gemrc were too restrictive (reported by Luca Pireddu).
  • Fixed prefix handling for native expressions (patch by Aaron Patterson).
  • Fixed several Upgrade => Update typos.
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