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0.9.5 Released

Major New Features Include:

  • Platform support
  • Automatic installation of platform gems
  • New bandwidth and memory friendlier index file format
  • “Offline” mode (–no-update-sources)
  • Bulk update threshold can be specified (-B, –bulk-threshold)
  • New gem fetch command
  • gem now has “really verbose” output when you specify -v
  • Improved stubs and gem.bat on mswin, including better compatiblity with the One-Click Installer.

Other Changes Include:

  • Time::today is deprecated and will be removed at a future date
  • Gem::manage_gems is deprecated and will be removed at a future date
  • gem install --include-dependencies (-y) is now deprecated since it is the default, use –ignore-dependencies to turn off automatic dependency installation
  • Multi-version diamond dependencies only are installed once
  • Processing a YAML bulk index update takes less memory
  • gem install -i makes sure all depenencies are installed
  • gem update --system reinstalls into the prefix it was originally installed in
  • gem update --system respects –no-rdoc and –no-ri flags
  • HTTP basic authentication support for proxies
  • Gem::Specification#platforms should no longer be a String, use Gem::Platform::CURRENT when building binary gems instead
  • gem env has more diagnostic information
  • require ‘rubygems’ loads less code
  • sources.gem is gone, RubyGems now uses built-in defaults
  • gem install --source will no longer add –source by default, use gem sources --add to make it a permanent extra source
  • gem query (list) no longer prints details by default
  • Exact gem names are matched in various places
  • mkrf extensions are now supported
  • A gem can depend on a specific RubyGems version
  • gem_server is now gem server
  • gemlock is now gem lock
  • gem_mirror is now gem mirror
  • gemwhich is now gem which
  • gemri is no longer included with RubyGems
  • index_gem_repository.rb is now gem generate_index
  • gem performs more validation of parameters
  • Custom rdoc styles are now supported
  • Gem indexer no longer removes quick index during index creation
  • Kernel#require only rescues a LoadError for the file being required now
  • gem dependencies can now display some information for remote gems
  • Updating RubyGems now works with RUBYOPT=-rubygems

Special thanks to:

  • Daniel Berger
  • Luis Lavena
  • Tom Copeland
  • Wilson Bilkovich
fred, the rubygems robot