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1.0.0 Released

Major New Features Include:

  • RubyGems warns about various problems with gemspecs during gem building
  • More-consistent versioning for the RubyGems software

Other Changes Include:

  • Fixed various bugs and problems with installing gems on Windows
  • Fixed using gem server for installing gems
  • Various operations are even more verbose with –verbose
  • Built gems are now backwards compatible with 0.9.4
  • Improved detection of RUBYOPT loading rubygems
  • ruby setup.rb now has a –help option
  • Gem::Specification#bindir is now respected on installation
  • Executable stubs can now be installed to match ruby’s name, so if ruby is installed as ‘ruby18’, foo_exec will be installed as ‘foo_exec18’
  • gem unpack can now unpack into a specific directory with –target
  • OpenSSL is no longer required by default

Deprecations and Deletions:

  • Kernel#require_gem has been removed
  • Executables without a shebang will not be wrapped in a future version, this may cause such executables to fail to operate on installation
  • Gem::Platform constants other than RUBY and CURRENT have been removed
  • Gem::RemoteInstaller was removed
  • Gem::Specification#test_suite_file and #test_suite_file= are deprecated in favor of #test_file and #test_file=
  • Gem::Specification#autorequire= has been deprecated
  • Time::today will be removed in a future version
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