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1.1.1 Released

Bugs Fixed:

  • Gem.prefix now returns non-nil only when RubyGems was installed outside sitelibdir or libdir.
  • The gem server gem list now correctly links to gem details.
  • gem update --system now passes –no-format-executable to setup.rb.
  • Gem::SourceIndex#refresh! now works with multiple gem repositories.
  • Downloaded gems now go into –install-dir’s cache directory.
  • Various fixes to downloading gem metadata.
  • gem install --force now ignores network errors too.
  • gem pristine now rebuilds extensions.
  • gem update --system now works on virgin Apple ruby.
  • Gem::RemoteFetcher handles Errno::ECONNABORTED.
  • Printing of release notes fixed.
fred, the rubygems robot