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1.3.0 Released

New features:

  • RubyGems doesn’t print LOCAL/REMOTE titles for gem query and friends if stdout is not a TTY, except with –both.
  • Added Gem.find_files, allows a gem to discover features provided by other gems.
  • Added pre/post (un)install hooks for packagers of RubyGems. (Not for gems themselves).
  • RubyGems now installs gems into ~/.gem if GEM_HOME is not writable. Use –no-user-install command-line switch to disable this behavior.
  • Fetching specs for update now uses If-Modified-Since requests.
  • RubyGems now updates the ri cache when the rdoc gem is installed and documentation is generated.

Deprecation Notices:

  • Gem::manage_gems now warns when called. It will be removed on or after March 2009.

Bugs Fixed:

  • RubyGems 1.3.0+ now updates when no previous rubygems-update is installed. Bug #20775 by Hemant Kumar.
  • RubyGems now uses the regexp we already have for gem list --installed. Bug #20876 by Nick Hoffman.
  • Platform is now forced to Gem::Platform::RUBY when nil or blank in the indexer. Fixes various uninstallable gems.
  • Handle EINVAL on seek. Based on patch in bug #20791 by Neil Wilson.
  • Fix HTTPS support. Patch #21072 by Alex Arnell.
  • RubyGems now loads all cache files even if latest has been loaded. Bug #20776 by Uwe Kubosch.
  • RubyGems checks for support of development dependencies for #to_ruby. Bug #20778 by Evan Weaver.
  • Now specifications from the future can be loaded.
  • Binary script uninstallation fixed. Bug #21234 by Neil Wilson.
  • Uninstallation with -i fixed. Bug #20812 by John Clayton.
  • Gem::Uninstaller#remove_all now calls Gem::Uninstaller#uninstall_gem so hooks get called. Bug #21242 by Neil Wilson.
  • Gem.ruby now properly escaped on windows. Fixes problem with extension compilation.
  • gem lock --strict works again. Patch #21814 by Sven Engelhardt.
  • Platform detection for Solaris was improved. Patch #21911 by Bob Remeika.

Other Changes Include:

  • gem help install now describes version argument to executable stubs
  • gem help environment describes environment variables and ~/.gemrc and /etc/gemrc
  • On-disk gemspecs are now read in UTF-8 and written with a UTF-8 magic comment
  • Rakefile
    • If the SETUP_OPTIONS environment variable is set, pass its contents as arguments to setup.rb
  • lib/rubygems/platform.rb
    • Remove deprecated constant warnings and really deprecate them. (WIN32, etc).
  • lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb
    • Now uses ~/.gem/cache if the cache dir in GEM_HOME is not writable.
  • lib/rubygems/source_index.rb
    • Deprecate options to ‘search’ other than Gem::Dependency instances and issue warning until November 2008.
  • setup.rb
    • –destdir folder structure now built using Pathname, so it works for Windows platforms.
  • test/*
    • Fixes to run tests when under test/rubygems/. Patch by Yusuke ENDOH [ruby-core:17353].
  • test/test_ext_configure_builder.rb
    • Locale-free patch by Yusuke Endoh [ruby-core:17444].
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