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1.3.3 Released

New Features:

  • gem server allows port names (from /etc/services) with –port.
  • gem server now has search that jumps to RDoc. Patch #22959 by Vladimir Dobriakov.
  • gem spec can retrieve single fields from a spec (like gem spec rake authors).
  • Gem::Specification#has_rdoc= is deprecated and ignored (defaults to true)
  • RDoc is now generated regardless of Gem::Specification#has_rdoc?

Bug Fixes:

  • gem clean now cleans up –user-install gems. Bug #25516 by Brett Eisenberg.
  • Gem.bin_path now escapes paths with spaces.
  • Rake extension builder uses explicit correctly loads rubygems when invoking rake.
  • Prerelease versions now match “~>” correctly. Patch #25759 by Yossef Mendelssohn.
  • Check bindir for executables, not root when validating. Bug reported by David Chelimsky.
  • Remove, no way to override it before RubyGems loads. Bug #25564 by Emanuele Vicentini
  • Raise Gem::Exception for #installation_path when not installed. Bug #25741 by Daniel Berger.
  • Don’t raise in Gem::Specification#validate when homepage is nil. Bug #25677 by Mike Burrows.
  • Uninstall executables from the correct directory. Bug #25555 by Brett Eisenberg.
  • Raise Gem::LoadError if Kernel#gem fails due to previously-loaded gem. Bug reported by Alf Mikula.

Deprecation Notices:

  • Gem::manage_gems has been removed.
  • Time::today has been removed early. There was no way to make it warn and be easy to override with user code.
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