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1.4.0 Released

NOTE: In order to better maintain rubygems and to get it in sync with the world (eg, 1.9’s 1.3.7 is different from our 1.3.7), rubygems is switching to a 4-6 week release schedule. This release is the precursor to that process and as such may be a bit on the wild side! You have been warned!

NOTE: We’ve switched to git/github. See README.rdoc for details.

New features:

  • Added –launch option to gem server. (gthiesfeld)
  • Added fuzzy name matching on install failures. (gstark/presidentbeef)
  • Allow searching w/ file extensions: gem which fileutils.rb
  • Progress indicator during download (Ryan Melton)
  • Speed up Gem::Version#<=> by 2-3x in common cases. (raggi)
  • –source is now additive with your current sources. Use –clear-sources first to maintain previous behavior.

Bug fixes:

  • Dependency “~>”s now respect lower-bound prerelease versions.
  • Ensure the gem directories exist on download.
  • Expand Windows user home candidates for Ruby 1.8. Bug #28371 & #28494
  • Fix find_files to order by version.
  • Fix ivar typo. [Josh Peek]
  • Normalized requires and made many of them lazy. Do not depend on rubygems to require stdlib stuff for you. (raggi/tmm1)
  • Treat 1.0.a10 like 1.0.a.10 for sorting, etc. Fixes #27903. (dchelimsky)
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