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1.5.0 Released

NOTE: gem update --system is broken. See UPGRADING.rdoc.

Major Enhancements:

  • Finally fixed all known 1.9.x issues. Upgrading is now possible!
  • Merged huge 1.3.7/ruby-core changes to master.

Minor Enhancements:

  • Added UPGRADING.rdoc to help deal with 1.9 issues.
  • Gem::Format now gives better errors for corrupt gem files and includes paths
  • Pre-install hooks can now abort gem installation by returning false
  • Move shareable TestCase classes to lib/ to help plugin authors with tests.
  • Add post-build hooks that can cancel the gem install
  • Always require custom_require now that require_gem is gone
  • Added GemInstaller accessors for @options so plugins can reference them.
  • Optimized Gem.find_files. ~10% faster than 1.4.2. ~40% faster than ruby 1.9.
  • Gem::SilentUI now behaves like Gem::StreamUI for asking questions. Patch by Erik Hollensbe.

Bug Fixes:

  • gem update was implicitly doing –system.
  • 1.9.3: Fixed encoding errors causing gem installs to die during rdoc phase.
  • Add RubyForge URL to README. Closes #28825
  • 1.9.3: Use chdir {} when building extensions to prevent warnings. Fixes #4337
  • 1.9.2: Fix circular require warning.
  • Make requiring openssl even lazier at request of NaHi
  • gem unpack will now download the gem if it is not in the cache. Patch by Erik Hollensbe.
  • rubygems-update lists its development dependencies again
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