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1.8.0 Released

This release focused on properly encapsulating functionality. Most of this work focused on moving functionality out of Gem::SourceIndex and Gem::GemPathSearcher into Gem::Specification where it belongs.

After installing RubyGems 1.8.0 you will see deprecations when loading your exsting gems. Run gem pristine --all --no-extensions to regenerate your gem specifications safely.

Currently RubyGems does not save the build arguments used to build gems with extensions. You will need to run gem pristine gem_with_extension -- --build-arg to regenerate a gem with an extension where it requires special build arguments.

  • 24(+) Deprecations (WOOT!):

    • DependencyList.from_source_index deprecated the source_index argument.
    • Deprecated
    • Deprecated Gem.searcher.
    • Deprecated Gem.source_index and Gem.available?
    • Deprecated Gem: activate_dep, activate_spec, activate, report_activate_error, and required_location.
    • Deprecated Gem::all_partials
    • Deprecated Gem::cache_dir
    • Deprecated Gem::cache_gem
    • Deprecated Gem::default_system_source_cache_dir
    • Deprecated Gem::default_user_source_cache_dir
    • Deprecated Platform#empty?
    • Deprecated Specification.cache_gem
    • Deprecated Specification.installation_path
    • Deprecated Specification.loaded, loaded?, and loaded=
    • Deprecated all of Gem::SourceIndex.
    • Deprecated all of Gem::GemPathSearcher.
    • Deprecated Gem::Specification#default_executable.
  • 2 major enhancements:

    • Gem::SourceIndex functionality has been moved to Gem::Specification. Gem::SourceIndex is completely disconnected from Gem::Specification
    • Refactored GemPathSearcher entirely out. RIPMF
  • 41 minor enhancements:

    • Added CommandManager#unregister_command
    • Added Dependency#matching_specs + to_specs.
    • Added Dependency#to_spec
    • Added Gem.pre_reset_hook/s and post_reset_hook/s.
    • Added GemCommand.reset to reinitialize the singleton
    • Added Specification#activate.
    • Added Specification#activated, activated=, and activated?
    • Added Specification#base_dir.
    • Added Specification#bin_dir and bin_file.
    • Added Specification#cache_dir and cache_file. Aliased cache_gem.
    • Added Specification#doc_dir and ri_dir.
    • Added Specification#find(name_or_dep, *requirements).
    • Added Specification#gem_dir and gems_dir.
    • Added Specification#spec_dir and spec_file.
    • Added Specification.add_spec, add_specs, and remove_spec.
    • Added Specification.all=. If you use this, we will light you on fire.
    • Added Specification.all_names.
    • Added Specification.dirs and dirs=. dirs= resets.
    • Added Specification.find_all_by_name(name, *reqs)
    • Added Specification.latest_specs. SO TINY!
    • Added TestCase#all_spec_names to help clean up tests
    • Added TestCase#assert_path_exists and refute_path_exists. Will move to minitest.
    • Gem.sources no longer tries to load sources gem. Only uses default_sources.
    • Installer no longer accepts a source_index option.
    • More low-level integration.
    • Removed Gem::FileOperations since it is a dummy class
    • Removed a comment because I am dumb
    • Removed pkgs/sources/lib/sources.rb
    • Revamped indexer to mostly not use SourceIndex (legacy index requires it).
    • Rewrote our last functional test suite to be happy and fast
    • RubyGems is now under the Ruby License or the MIT license
    • Specification#== now only checks name, version, and platform.
    • Specification#authors= now forcefully flattens contents (bad rspec! no cookie!)
    • Specification#eql? checks all fields.
    • Specification#installation_path no longer raises if it hasn’t been activated.
    • Specification#validate now ensures that authors is not empty.
    • TestCase.util_setup_spec_fetcher no longer returns a SourceIndex.
    • Uninstaller no longer passes around SourceIndex instances
    • Warn on loading bad spec array values (ntlm-http gem has nil in its cert chain)
    • gem pristine now accepts –no-executables to skip restoring gems with extensions.
    • gem pristine can now restore multiple gems.
  • 6 bug fixes:

    • DependencyInstaller passed around a source_index instance but used Gem.source_index.
    • Fixed Platform#== and #hash so instances may be used as hash keys.
    • Fixed broken Specification#original_platform. It should never be nil.
    • Gem::Text#format_text now strips trailing whitespace
    • Normalize LOAD_PATH with File.expand_path
    • gem build errors should exit 1.
    • gem pristine can now restore non-latest gems where the cached gem was removed.
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