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1.8.6 Released

  • 1 minor enhancement:

    • Add autorequires and delay startup of RubyGems until require is called. See Ruby bug #4962
  • 9 bug fixes:

    • Restore behavior of Gem::Specification#loaded? Ruby Bug #5032
    • Clean up SourceIndex.add_specs to not be so damn noisy. (tadman)
    • Added missing APPLE_GEM_HOME in paths.
    • Extend YAML::Syck::DefaultKey fixing to marshal_dump as well.
    • Fix #29216: check correct bin_dir in check_that_user_bin_dir_is_in_path.
    • Revert Gem.latest_load_paths to working order (PathSupport revert).
    • Restore normalization of GEM_HOME.
    • Handle the Syck DefaultKey problem once and for all.
    • Fix SystemStackError occurring with “gem list -r -a” on 1.9.
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