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Rubyconf / Rubygems Hackfest

If you followed the twitter feed for Rubyconf this past week, you probably noticed that this years conference was the host of the first, of hopefully many more, hackfests. The hackfest started at 6:30 PM, after Matz’s chat with Evan wrapped up, and went until almost 11:00 PM, when we had scheduled to wrap up around 8:30.

I am personally blown away by the amazing turnout we had, and especially floored that in addition to commenting and closing many issues which were no longer valid, almost every single attendee of the hackfest opened a pull request to fix either an outstanding bug, or add a new feature.

Some photos from the event:

Hacking at the bar! Hacking! More Hacking! Holy Hacking!

I’m still in the process of working through the open pull requests and issues which need further commenting, but I wanted to provide some of the highlights, and welcome some of the soon-to-be committers.

Please let me know if I missed you, or something you worked on in the list. It was amazing to see developers of all kinds, from companies such as Yardstick, New Relic and Bluebox step up to assist in helping build and maintain a community resource.

Mark Bennett

Amos King and Charlie Sanders

Jared McFarland and Tim Knowlton

Chris Kelly

Matt Simpson

Daniel Huckstep

Jack Foy and Fletcher Nichol

Clyde Law and Andrew Szczepanski

Jon Guymon