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2.1.10 Released

RubyGems 2.1.10 includes bug fixes.

To update to the latest RubyGems you can run:

gem update --system

If you need to upgrade or downgrade please follow the how to upgrade/downgrade RubyGems instructions. To install RubyGems by hand see the Download RubyGems page.

Bug fixes:

  • Use class check instead of :version method check when creating Gem::Version objects. Fixes #674 by jkanywhere.
  • Fail during gem update when an error occurs checking for newer versions. This means RubyGems no longer reports “nothing to update” when it cannot communicate with the server. Issue #688 by Jimmy Dee.
  • Allow installation of gems when the home directory does not exist. Issue #689 by Laurence Rowe
  • Fix updating gems which have multiple platforms. Issue #693 by Ookami Kenrou.
  • The gem server now uses user-provided directories. Issue #696 by Marcelo Alvim.
  • Improved resolution of gems when specific versions have conflicting dependencies.
  • RubyGems installs local gems regardless of platform again. Issue #695
  • The --ignore-dependencies option for gem installation works again. Issue #695
Eric Hodel