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2.2.1 Released

RubyGems 2.2.1 includes bug fixes.

To update to the latest RubyGems you can run:

gem update --system

If you need to upgrade or downgrade please follow the how to upgrade/downgrade RubyGems instructions. To install RubyGems by hand see the Download RubyGems page.

Bug fixes:

  • Platforms in the Gemfile.lock GEM section are now handled correctly. Bug #767 by Diego Viola.
  • RubyGems now displays which gem couldn’t be uninstalled from the home directory. Pull request #757 by Michal Papis.
  • Removed unused method Gem::Resolver#find_conflict_state. Pull request #759 by Smit Shah.
  • Fixed installing gems from local files without dependencies. Issue #760 by Arash Mousavi, pull request #764 by Tim Moore.
  • Removed TODO about syntax that works in Ruby 1.8.7. Pull request #765 by Benjamin Fleischer.
  • Switched Gem.ruby_api_version to use RbConfig::CONFIG[‘ruby_version’] which has the same value but is overridable by packagers through –with-ruby-version= when configuring ruby. Bug #770 by Jeremy Evans.
  • RubyGems now prefers the bundler API for gem install to reduce HTTP requests. (This change was intended for RubyGems 2.2.0 but was missed.) This should address bug #762 by Dan Peterson and bug #766 by mipearson.
  • Added Gem::BasicSpecification#source_paths so documentation or analysis tools can work properly as require_paths no longer returns extension source directories. Bug #758 Vít Ondruch.
  • Gem.read_binary can read read-only files again. This caused file:// repositories to stop working. Bug #761 by John Anderson.
  • Fixed specification file sorting for Ruby 1.8.7 compatibility. Pull request #763 by James Mead
Eric Hodel