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Back to blog posts's response to CVE-2014-0160 (heartbleed)

At this point you’ve probably heard about CVE-2014-0160, branded ‘heartbleed’. Just in case you’ve not, it’s a critical vulnerability in the immensely popular OpenSSL libary, which, and a huge percentage of sites, applications, and systems use to secure communications. The vulnerability allows for an arbitrary 64k of memory to be accessed remotely. You can read more about heartbleed here.

As soon as we heard about the vulnerability we upgraded OpenSSL and applications linked against it and restarted our SSL termination layer. That prevents our private key and other sensitive information from potentially being accessed going forward. It is impossible to know whether private key material was leaked as a result of the vulnerability so we immediately moved to regenerate our SSL private key and certificate. That new certificate has been deployed for about 36 hours.

The SHA1 fingerprint of the new certificate is F6 F6 C6 7A 91 D8 51 28 02 1D 19 8F 8A FB A5 7D 4E D3 9C 34.

As always, please feel free to reach out to the operations team with any security issues. Thanks for using!

Sam Kottler