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2.6.2 Released

RubyGems 2.6.2 includes bug fixes.

To update to the latest RubyGems you can run:

gem update --system

If you need to upgrade or downgrade please follow the how to upgrade/downgrade RubyGems instructions. To install RubyGems by hand see the Download RubyGems page.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix wrong version of gem activation for bin stub. Pull request #1527 by Aaron Patterson.
  • Speed up gem activation failures. Pull request #1539 by Aaron Patterson.
  • Fix platform sorting in the resolver. Pull request #1542 by Samuel E. Giddins.
  • Ensure we unlock the monitor even if try_activate throws. Pull request #1538 by Charles Oliver Nutter.

SHA256 Checksums:

  • rubygems-2.6.2.tgz
  • rubygems-update-2.6.2.gem
Andre Arko