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3.0.2 Released

RubyGems 3.0.2 includes minor enhancements and bug fixes.

To update to the latest RubyGems you can run:

gem update --system

If you need to upgrade or downgrade please follow the how to upgrade/downgrade RubyGems instructions. To install RubyGems by hand see the Download RubyGems page.

Minor enhancements:

  • Use Bundler-1.17.3. Pull request #2556 by SHIBATA Hiroshi.
  • Fix document flag description. Pull request #2555 by Luis Sagastume.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix tests when ruby –program-suffix is used without rubygems –format-executable. Pull request #2549 by Jeremy Evans.
  • Fix Gem::Requirement equality comparison when ~> operator is used. Pull request #2554 by Grey Baker.
  • Unset SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in the test cases. Pull request #2558 by Sorah Fukumori.
  • Restore SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH. Pull request #2560 by SHIBATA Hiroshi.

SHA256 Checksums:

  • rubygems-3.0.2.tgz
  • rubygems-update-3.0.2.gem