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3.3.0 Released

RubyGems 3.3.0 includes breaking changes, features, performance, enhancements and bug fixes.

To update to the latest RubyGems you can run:

gem update --system

To install RubyGems by hand see the Download RubyGems page.

## Breaking changes:

  • Removed deprecated gem server command. Pull request #5034 by hsbt
  • Remove MacOS specific gem layout. Pull request #4833 by deivid-rodriguez
  • Default gem update documentation format is now only ri. Pull request #3888 by hsbt

## Features:

  • Give command misspelled suggestions via did_you_mean gem. Pull request #3904 by hsbt

## Performance:

  • Avoid some unnecessary stat calls. Pull request #3887 by kares
  • Improve spell checking suggestion performance by vendoringDidYouMean::Levenshtein.distance from did_you_mean-1.4.0. Pull request #3856 by austinpray

## Enhancements:

  • Set BUNDLER_VERSION when bundle _<version>_ is passed. Pull request #5180 by deivid-rodriguez
  • Don’t require rdoc for gem uninstall. Pull request #4691 by ndren
  • More focused rescue on extension builder exception to get more information on errors. Pull request #4189 by deivid-rodriguez
  • Installs bundler 2.3.0 as a default gem.

## Bug fixes:

  • Fix encoding mismatch issues when writing gem packages. Pull request #5162 by deivid-rodriguez
  • Fix broken brew formula due to loading operating_system.rb customizations too late. Pull request #5154 by deivid-rodriguez
  • Properly fetch Gem#latest_spec_for with multiple sources. Pull request #2764 by kevlogan90
  • Fix upgrade crashing when multiple versions of fileutils installed. Pull request #5140 by deivid-rodriguez

SHA256 Checksums:

  • rubygems-3.3.0.tgz
  • rubygems-update-3.3.0.gem
David Rodríguez