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May 2022 RubyGems Updates

Welcome to the RubyGems monthly update! As part of our efforts at Ruby Central, we publish a recap of the work that we’ve done the previous month. Read on to find out what updates were made to RubyGems and in May.

RubyGems News

This month in RubyGems, we released new versions of RubyGems 3.3.14, 3.3.15 and Bundler 2.3.14, 2.3.15.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of other improvements included in the above releases (see the changelog for further information):

  • fixed a regression causing an error message when an incompatible Ruby version is used - #5525.
  • fixed an issue with inline mode install output printing information about previously locked gems - #5529, #5530.
  • fixed a regression when printing resolution conflicts on metadata requirements - #3362.
  • refactored the code that handles finding a target version in gem update --system - #5568.
  • made an update to display better error messaging when previous installation fails to be removed -#5664.
  • improved exception reporting in bug report template - #5563.

In May, RubyGems gained 84 new commits, contributed by 9 authors. There were 851 additions and 472 deletions across 123 files. News

In May, saw several bug fixes and updates, some of which include the following:

  • fixed access to undefined variable version in GemcutterTaskshelper- #3068.
  • fixed some lint failure issues - #3069.
  • set UTC date format in update_version_file_test rake task - #3066.
  • re-designed dependencies list on RubyGems UI - #3062.
  • added a fix to find versions explicitly by name & platform - #3060.

This month, gained 51 new commits, contributed by 15 authors. There were 580 additions and 91 deletions across 35 files.

Learn more about contributing to RubyGems by visiting the RubyGems Contributing Guide. We welcome all kinds of contributions, including bug fixes, feature implementation, writing and updating documentation, and bug triage.

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