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An Update to RubyGems MFA Levels


The UI only multi-factor authentication level is being removed. Users who remain on the UI only MFA level will be migrated to the UI and gem signin level on September 22nd, 2022.

Why is this happening?

In essence, the UI and gem signin level is the same as the UI only level, but it also requires that the gem signin command is verified with multi-factor authentication. This ensures that accounts with MFA protection are not impacted by compromised passwords.

What is going to change?

After the migration, users who were on the UI only level will need to enter a one-time password when using gem signin. For everyone else, nothing will change.

If you are using gem signin in automated builds, we recommend that you migrate to using a pre-generated API key for authentication. You can either set the API_KEY environment variable to the value of your API key or write the key to credentials file:

echo " YOUR_API_KEY" > ~/.gem/credentials

Check out the guides for more information on RubyGems MFA levels.

Kevin Lin