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October 2023 RubyGems Updates

Welcome to the RubyGems monthly update! As part of our efforts at Ruby Central, we publish a recap of the work that we’ve done the previous month. Read on to find out what updates were made to RubyGems and in October.

RubyGems News

This month in RubyGems, we released RubyGems 3.4.21 and Bundler 2.4.21.

A couple of noteworthy updates this month include the introduction of a feature to abort setup.rb for outdated Ruby versions - #7011, and efficiency enhancements enabled by removing Dir.chdir from subprocess execution - #6930. We also achieved a major configuration improvement by implementing a pure-ruby YAML parser -#6615. The documentation also saw significant improvements, with updates to the bindir variable - #7028 and fixes to invalid links - #7008.

Some other improvements that landed into our repo this month that are NOT included in the above releases are:

  • an enhanced continuous integration (CI) by incorporating the latest patch level releases of Ruby, ensuring more robust testing environments - #7036.
  • updates to the SPDX license list to reflect the latest standards as of October 5, 2023. This ensures compliance and accuracy in licensing - #7040.
  • improved formatting and presentation of global source information on the bundle plugin manual page, contributing to better usability and readability - #7045.
  • significant optimization by reusing the Gem::RemoteFetcher instance within Bundler - #7079.
  • modified, more relaxed, pattern matching for Rake versions, allowing for greater flexibility and compatibility in different environments - #7123.
  • refinements to the recent fix related to force_ruby_platform - #7115.
  • a merged pull request to enable automatic switching to user-level gem installations when GEM_HOME is unset and the default gem home is not writable - #5327.

In October, RubyGems gained 160 new commits contributed by 22 authors. There were 3,940 additions and 1,149 deletions across 197 files. News

The updates to this month reflect a strong commitment to improving user experience, enhancing security, and modernizing the platform. Here’s a brief overview of the key improvements in the release:

  • implementing a fix for the subscription links on the RubyGems dashboard - #4111.
  • creating a proof-of-concept (POC) for integrating Tailwind CSS, aiming to modernize and enhance the frontend design and responsiveness of RubyGems - #4113.
  • resolving ambiguity in ownership uniqueness errors, specifically addressing scenarios where a user is already invited or is an owner - #4119.
  • addressing a critical issue where users who had pushed gems with associated API keys faced difficulties with account deletion. This fix ensures smoother user account management and security - #4130.
  • fixing timestamp fields options feature, refining user interface elements and data accuracy - #4132.

In October, gained 60 new commits contributed by 12 authors. There were 4,532 additions and 2,184 deletions across 181 files.

Thank you

Thank you to all the contributors of RubyGems and for this month! Your contributions are greatly appreciated, and we are grateful for your support.

Contributors to RubyGems:

Contributors to

Learn more about contributing to RubyGems by visiting the RubyGems Contributing Guide. We welcome all kinds of contributions, including bug fixes, feature implementation, writing and updating documentation, and bug triage.

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